Happymerryjoyous Awesometime

Dec 24, 2013 -- 8:43am

Here's what I wish for all of us during this season of wishes.


1.  More great live music.  Lots more.  Classic Rockers.  Jambands.  Blues artists.  Bring em on.

2.  Understanding.  We don't have to agree to get along.  Just because I like watching the occasional episode of "Once Upon A Time" doesn't make me a bad guy.

3.  Peace.  The real kind that lasts all the time.  And not just world peace.  How bout a little in the house?  Here's hoping you get it where you need it.

4.  Integrity.  I am making a resolution to try not to talk sh** about people I have never met.  Who knows?  Those guys from One Direction might be great songwiters.

5.  Healthier Food.  I don't mean you should start eating twigs.  I just mean the food we buy could stand to resemble a science fair entry a littlle less.

6.  Love.  Yeah I know it's a cliche.  Some cliches are cliches because they are valid.  


In 2014, I wish that we all can concentrate more on what we share than on what divides us.  There seem to be a lot of the "Us And Them'" thing going on these days.  Great Floyd song but as bluesman Robert Wilkins once sang "that ain't no way to get along".  I hope everyone can see the good in you in the coming year.  And if you're lucky you'll see it in everyone too.  And most important....Keep Rockin'.  It keeps the blues away.  Merryhappyjoyous Awesometime to us all.


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